CD Nils Fischer & Timbazo - participate, toma parte, mach' mit, doe mee!

Mach’ mit an der neuen Timbazo CD, gehe zu!
Das zweite Album, der Nachfolger von ¡Gracias Joe Cuba! entsteht gerade. Die Band hat wunderbares neues Repertoire aufgenommen und wir sind fast fertig. Wir können es nicht erwarten, diese CD ‘rauszubringen! Allerdings kosten der Mix, Mastering und Produktion einer CD viel Geld. Mit deiner Hilfe wird die CD schnell erscheinen! Natürlich gibt es auch etwas dafür, z.B. die CD aber noch viel mehr!
Für Fragen:, New York: "One of the best CDs of the year!”

Joe Cuba: "I enjoy it very much - ¡Que chévere!”

Latin Beat Magazine, California: "A spectacular debut!"
George Rivera, Florida: "The band shines throughout the entire project..."

Rebeca Mauleón: "Brilliantly conceived and performed tribute to one of Salsa’s unsung heroes...each and every track explodes with fire!" "...cutting-edge arrangements..." "...horns blaring, percussions faster than the speed of light and singers just spitting fire...!"

Herencia Latina, Colombia: " una joya que deberia estar en la colección de cada melomano que realmente se respete."

Salsaholic, Germany: "Breath-taking!"

Latinmusik., Switzerland: "Superb!"

Salsapaca, France: "...una producción vigorosa y rebozante de entusiasmo...contiene además aquel ingrediente que está frecuentemente ausente en la industria salsera moderna: El Sabor...

QuePasaMagazine, Great Britain: "...very authentic enjoyable album..."

OkaSalsa, Japan: "Los amantes de la música latina deben tenerlo!"

Mambo-Master, Germany: "A very modern, excellently arranged and perfectly recorded album..incredible rhythm-section..."

Slagwerkkrant, The Netherlands: "Extremely energetic - seems to jump out of your speakers...
fresh arrangements with a lot of rhythmic surprises..."

Ralph Irizarry: "This has to be one of the top recordings of the year!"

Orestes Vilató: "...lots of swing and energy all the time!"

John Santos: "...swings like crazy!!!"

Off-Beat, Germany: “Excellent, powerpercussion!”

Beyond Magazine, The Netherlands: "Musical exitement from the beginning to the end
...every second is happening...TOPTIMBA!!!"

Petra, Germany: "...your hips start moving automatically!"

Jazz, The Netherlands: " think you're in a dancing crowd in Havana...!"

Drums & Percussion, Germany: "A daringly dexterous, energie-loaded and truly sweeping album.
Get's you out of your seat in a heartbeat - check it out!!!"

Vinilemania, Italy: "...truly excellent...a CD that will be talked about and that
will remain in the case of many DJ's for a long time to come..."

DJ Margarita, USA: "If you like your Salsa "Red & Hot", & with plenty of "Swing", then you'll most definitely want to add this CD to your incredible tribute to the days of Joe Cuba."

Sonny Bravo: “WOW!!! What a band! Extremely well done and is of the highest order!
Very strong charts and performances! Can't wait for the next one!”

Armando Peraza: "The music is very authentic and very, very good."

Bobby Sanabria: "...explosive rhythm section...the hippest dance music around..."

Eddie Montalvo: "Great album, modern arrangements, great job!"

Joe Torres: “I am very impressed with Nils’ playing  and the rest of the musicians. They all play with great technique but also with mucho swing. Great arrangements.“

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