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28.11.2012 16:39

Vinnie Colaiuta Joan Rivers Showcase!!! 1986 1987

Here is 7 minutes of Vinnie Colaiuta doing his thing all over the Michael Sembello composed opening for Fox's "Late Show w/ Joan Rivers." The show started airing in October 1986. Joan Rivers was fired in October 1987 and Vinnie and the band were gone soon after.

I put this together using an amazing 4 hour compilation created by Ray Lombardo.
Thanks, Ray!

Piano & Arranger: Randy Waldman Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta Bass: Jimmy Johnson Guitar: Bruce Gaitsch Trumpets: Rick Baptist (Lead), Doug Scharf, Ray Brown Trombones: Lew McCreary, Alan Kaplan Saxes: Saxes: Beverly Dalke, Brandon Fields, Dave Boruff, Tom Saviano Percussion: Steve Reid, Band leader: Mark Hudson

...unbedingt auch das Ende gucken…: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPAK1XD7BfE&feature=related


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